Training groups

Want to train but don’t live near a Dojo?

From time to time we are contacted by people who wish to train in Jissen Kobudo but feel they can’t because they do not live within travelling distance of a Jinenkan Dojo. One possibility for such people is to find training partners in their own area and set up a Jissen Kobudo Training Group.

Training Groups are usually affiliated with an official Jinenkan Dojo. They allow their members to meet regularly to practice the techniques they have been shown by the Dojo cho (instructor) with whom they are affiliated.

Although training away from an official Dojo is not ideal, for students who are sincere about wanting to study, it is always possible to improve and make good progress in the martial arts.

In addition to the training and guidance which they have had under a dojocho, there are also many dvds, etc., produced by the Jinenkan Honbu Dojo which can aid the training of these groups.

If you wish to train in Jissen Kobudo but do not have a Dojo nearby, please feel free to contact us – we will help and support you in any way that we can.